1. Everyone becomes a mind reader when it comes to the intentions of a new follower.

    I’m onto you…. Buddy.


  3. Cinema Vs Streaming

    How long do you think it will be until new blockbusters at the cinema are released on streaming services at the same time?

  4. True Dat

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  5. My Monday smile.


  6. Hi Ho. Hi Ho.

    It’s off to work I go.

    With a shovel and a spade….

    And a hand grenade.

    Hi Ho. Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho…



    Absolutely and definitely. I still MOVE MA BODY to Cassie’s Me & You.

    This revamp by Le Youth is awesome. And is worth the listen. And a cheeky buy like I did.

    Cue continuous jamming… Bye now.




    Xfactor Uk is returning to our screens this Saturday 31st August.

    Excited much?

    Well I am, because I now know my weekends up until christmas are sorted.

    This year there has been a ‘little mix’ (Get it?) up with the audition process. Contestants will have to face the old judging room THEN face another performance in front of a crowd before Boot Camp. Me likes.

    But what has happened to some of the contestants since last year. We have…

    Union J released their single Carry You. And wracked up an impressive 1.15 million twitter following. PLUS recently releasing individual accounts. Erm yes please and thank you Jaymi Hensley.

    Rylan Clark who went from public enemy number one…to loved reality star after winning Celebrity Big Brother. Good on him. Always team Rylan baby.

    Chris Maloney….

    And Winner James Arthur who has kept quite quiet this past year. But that always happens to the winner until they release a super awesome album. With nearly 2 million twitter followers and his magical touch on music I am SURE his success will be similar to Little Mix. It all hangs in the balance with the album.

    All I can say is GOOD LUCK to all of this years hopefuls. SEE you SOON. (Stalker much?)

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    girl ima have to call u back

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